Dress: Nurita Harith  | Clutch: Shoes Shoes Shoes | Hair & Make Up: Snips International  | 

Photography/ Styling: Andrewsmodels Creative Division


FashionValet is Southeast Asia’s premier online destination for Asian brands selling fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories, that aims to bring the latest fashion trends to your doorstep. Founded in 2010 by Malaysia’s popular blogger Vivy Yusof and her husband Fadzarudin Anuar, FashionValet offers a wide selection of ready-to-wear garments, from Muslimah attire to lingerie and swimwear, and boasts fast delivery, and best-in-class user experience for consumers around the world. FashionValet proudly carries home-grown brands and designers from across Southeast Asia, serving as a key platform for up-and-coming designers from these countries.

Expanding its reach to international destinations, FashionValet has delivered to more than 15 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, and is continuing to serve more and more countries globally, offering free delivery to more than 10 of them.

This year, FashionValet will play host to a variety of designer Raya collections from Syomirizwa, Nurita Harith, Mimpi Kita and many more. With Raya being celebrated all month long, FashionValet.com will surely be the destination for finding the perfect raya outfit for any occasions. 





Calaqisya is an online blogshop that takes muslimah fashion to a new level. Founded by 3 aspiring siblings 'the farahs' makes you forget dull and yawn-worthy designs. We bring you unique yet modest design to fulfill your ever-changing taste in the fashion world.

Calaqisya combination of two arabic words meaning 'the castle of the good life' will continuosly put up fresh ideas to make a muslimah closet full with adoring pieces. we even embrace your sizes by providing from xs up to xl sizes to make you feel good about urself.


Matase Sutera

‘Matase’ is a word of Romanian origins, which simply means ‘silk’. Matase Sutera is one of our entrepreneurial efforts to expand and popularize BATIK, not only locally in Malaysia, but also internationally. Through our online shop, Matase Sutera’s name and product has reached many parts of the globe, including United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and also to countless others.

From the humble beginnings of selling our products locally after our establishment in 2009, Matase Sutera has now succeeded in launching a fashion boutique that we are proud to call our own. Today, Matase Sutera has succeeded in capturing the attention and the hearts of fashion and BATIK lovers everywhere by combining traditional, contemporary, and modern elements into the art of BATIK wear.

FZK by Fitri Zainal

FZK is known for oriental style yet modern, effortless and wearable clothes. Very suitable for strong women, independent but also soft and feminine. We also love incorporating two different fashion aesthetics, mixing edgy and feminine, impudent and charming.


It is an understated elegance. It doesn’t cry for attention. It is not garish, it is subtle. It is strong without being loud. It is chic. It is cool. It is calm. It is he. It is she. It is it. It is ... A A L E 


A secret doorway to fashionable and colourful tunic dresses, shawls and scarves.

Samantha Sherina by Thian

SS by Thian's designs are specially curated for the girl who appreciates simple cuts that are carefully accented by the unexpected detailing on each design


Locka is a breath of fresh air amidst the ever changing fashion. In celebration of beauty and its diversity.


Extreme new to the scene, the designer — born in Sarawak and raised in Kuala Lumpur — finds inspiration in everything from the beautiful prints of Borneo native to the modern, fast growing city life. Her signature style is modern with a twist. She believes and hold strong to her motto, “Back to the Roots!”

Pikat KL

Every woman has her own story. PikatKL aims to provide beautiful unique fabrics turned into statement pieces for every woman to stand out in a crowd. Don't forget to hashtag #iwearpikatkl on Instagram.

Mastuli Khalid

Established in 2014, Mastuli Khalid is a brand that combines comfort with class without skimping on the quirk. Poised between loud and minimal, Mastuli Khalid versatile garments ensure wearability throughout the day. The people at Mastuli Khalid ensure quality and satisfaction are delivered throughout all of their creations. And above all, they aim to make you look sensational. 


Cool geometrical designs made wearable, this line of statement accessories will add a burst of excitement to any outfit.


PU3 is a unique designer brand in Malaysia that combines edge, femininity and luxurious fabric under one fashion house.


With special attention given to fabric and cut, each POPLOOK piece is special and will last you for seasons to come. From jubahs to maxi skirts, palazzo pants to cardigans and jackets, POPLOOK brings you a wide range of the latest fashion has to offer. With POPLOOK, you can expect chic, exclusive clothing at affordable prices!

Kami Idea

Established in 2009, founders Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina and Afina Candarini saw a need for fashion that could hold up under Indonesian tropical weather, especially for Muslim women, and created Kami Idea, a fashion line that is wearable, comfortable yet bold at the same time. 


Yadotsa is a fast-rising ready-to-wear label that caught the fashion industry's attention. Featuring edgy and unique designs, Yadotsa is one of a kind.

Hatta Dolmat

Known as one of Malaysia's famous designers, Hatta Dolmat is dominating the local fashion industry with his spectacular ready to wear collection. From traditional to urban, his designs are exquisite and are made to suit the mass market.

Afiq M

AfiqM, by Afiq Mohamed is a debut fashion label of this aspiring 23 years old fashion designer from Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Established since 2011 during his student days, the designer over time has matured with a great vision for his fashion label.

Eggie Azman

A graduate of Central Saint Martins and Raffles College, Eggie Azman is a Malaysian independent designer whose design aesthetic takes inspiration from the young at heart.


aere is a contemporary ready-to-wear label founded by well-known fashion blogger Raja Nadia Sabrina. Crafting creative, innovative, versatile and fashionable pieces, aere has been making waves since its launch in October 2014 and was recently invited to the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Show, winning the best womenswear collection award.


S. Baharim

Celebrated fashion designer Syaiful Baharim brings his high-end designs and impeccable creations for this festive season exclusively on Fashion Valet. This ready-to-wear collection features classic silhouettes from peplums and tunics as well as a modern baju kurungs with ruffles for a chic bohemian feel. For those who love carefree kaftans, the collection features two designs which are versatile and can be worn as resort wear.

Alia B

Alia B – a new diffusion line under the Alia Bastamam brand. Affordable and modern, Alia B offers ready-to-wear pieces influenced by the current saturation of “street style” and key trends on the runways and streets of the fashion capitals. This debut collection for the Pre-Fall 2014 season presents a complete wardrobe suitable for the urban, contemporary girl (or woman).

Syomirizwa Gupta

Capturing the eyes of the woman today, SYOMIRIZWA GUPTA creations are heavily influenced by his passion for high fashion and staunch belief that 'less is more'. SYOMIRIZWA GUPTA reflect modern yet classic, elegant designs and quality workmanship. The brand has been synonymous in blending sophistication with details that suggest elegance in simplicity.


Started of as bazaar booths, Innai is now a fashion house sought after by the ladies in Kuala Lumpur. When it comes to beautiful hand-drawn prints and quality workmanship, Innai doesn't disappoint. 

Love To Dress

LOVE TO DRESS is a fashion label that offers tailored fit, exquisite materials and bold hues ready-to-wear dresses for the urban Muslim women.They revolutionized everyday Muslim women fashion (prêt-à-porter) by replacing typical loose, one-cut abaya with garments that are functional and flattering to the woman’s figure. 

Emel by Melinda Looi

‘emel by Melinda Looi’ (pronounced eh-mehl) is a limited-edition, annual charity Ramadhan collection by Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi. The word emel is derived from the word amal, of Arabic origin. Amal means hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity. Each year, emel by Melinda Looi aims to collaborate with a local celebrity to help raise awareness and encourage the spirit of giving in the month of Ramadhan.


The love of sisters led Mimpikita to its fast-rising popularity with a gorgeous mix of designs that are fun and wearable.

NH by Nurita Harith

Dainty yet practical, these easy-to-wear pieces feature Nurita's unique prints. Versatile in its use, these pieces can be worn tucked in, tucked out or even as separates. Invest in a NH by Nurita Harith today.

Rizman Ruzaini

here are three reasons why Rizman Ruzaini captured the taste of people of Malaysia when it comes to fashion. First is that they create unique styles for their clothing. Second is their products are made from high quality and comfortable materials. Third is that all of this brand’s products and its unbeatable feature can be availed without spending too much as Rizman Ruzaini price is affordable.


Born in Surabaya - Indonesia, Biyan Wanaatmadja’s formative years were spent at Muller & Sohn Privatmodeschule in Dusseldorf (Germany) and the London College of Fashion (England) where he graduated as a fashion designer.

He started to produce and retail his own design in a small atelier in Surabaya - Indonesia, which then formalized as his first clothing line Biyan for women in 1984 and followed by his second line studio 133 Biyan in 1985.

Biyan collection is described as romantic, classic, and sophisticated, whereas the juxtaposing interplay between fabric, texture, color and form, of taut tailoring and hyper-romanticism are strong signature to the brand.

What makes Biyan so special is the refined quality craftsmanship of beautiful embroidery, intricate beading techniques and its original silk prints as it is a commitment to his design aesthetic and vision.