Dress: Zakwan Anuar  |  Accecories: Earring (The Extra Piece) | Hair & Make Up: Snips International 

Photography/ Styling: Andrewsmodels Creative Division


Adrianna Yariqa

Registered in November 2013 as Adrianna Yariqa LLP, we specialises in traditional and modern Malay clothings. We strives for fashion excellence for the modern Malay women. Our designer emphasize on simplicity and comfort, cultivating a sense of style, flair and uniqueness in every design.



The design aesthetic of Alia Bastamam brings a cool, comfortable and neoteric up-to-date culture into the glamorous and enduring idea of fashion. And it always best suits what women want. Drifting through a wanderlust composed of luscious, wispy movements of soft fabric, sophisticated risqué for subtle sex appeal, and sharp cuts and fine tailoring for a substantial dash of class.


Cosry Kartini Raya Collection 2016

Cosry, the made-to-measure high end and home grown iconic fashion brand brings you – Cosry Kartini Raya 2016. This year’s Raya collection embodies the heroine Kartini, a woman who holds and acknowledges her traditional culture through clothing designs, which can be seen throughout the many similarities and shared classical scopes between Malaysia and Indonesia.



Ezuwan Ismail’s began to feel the itch at the age of 14 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, at the eastern side of peninsular Malaysia. His love for fashion to took a better foothold for launch while he was in his secondary school. At the height of 179cm, his parents wanted him to be a lawyer initially, as do all asian typical parents to which extent he had even enrolled in to study law in University of MARA. Still his passion in fashion overtook him and he eventually managed to convince his parents to let him switch course to fashion at the Institute Academy of Fashion and Design (IFTC). At last, passion won. Ezuwan Ismail became actively involved in the world of fashion since 2006 and had worked under the tutelage of Michael Ong and Zang Toi. His works are mostly special made dresses that includes the traditional wedding dress.



Ira is designed for the modern woman who embraces conservative fashion and contemporary styles that flatter without provocation. Each garment is conceptualised with strength and dignity in mind, from the designs and the prints, to the exquisite fabrics and the cut of the silhouette. Ira conveys modest femininity, without sacrificing comfort and style.



 Mimpikita when translated means ‘our dreams’ in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. Running a fashion house is what us Zulkifli sisters have aspired and dreamt of having. We started Mimpikita because we wanted to create clothing that would reflect us as individuals and ones that are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality is achieved




The epitome of PU3 is the idea of twins: the two are stark contrasts of each other as much as they are identical. The close relation and idiosyncratic distinctions between the two is what makes PU3 something so extraordinarily off the edge – the ‘collision’ of creativity and imaginations result in a surprisingly amazing synergy of the two opposites.

The brilliance of the ingenuity of finding the ‘middle’ is evident in Putri Azalea and Putri Yasmin’s eclectic style that ranges from high luxe to funky fresh, whilst always keeping an important finger on the market. The mother of the twins, Raja Noora Ashikin, who is also the third ‘princess’ in their family has been the ultimate inspiration to the girls. As a whole, it all fit so perfectly for the three ladies of the household to come together for PU3.




Ridzuan Ismail might be a new name to a few ears but as for the label itself, House of Wanpa, is indefinitely established in the local fashion scene. The Pahang-born genius behind the ornate beading and fine needlework has preferred to let his designs do the talking and this is only due to the fact that Ridzuan Ismail is not only cut from a different cloth but he also cuts from a different cloth. 

Ridzuan Ismail is also known to prioritise femininity in his designs so that the WANPA woman can be sure to only be confident and powerful when in a WANPA original. It is no surprise that the 31 year old has been dubbed by Tailor Asia as your own personal “full-time trustworthy tailor” as Ridzuan Ismail has released innumerable ready-to-wear and bridal collections since 2007.